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*As a "SpecAd," this company has not been a client of mine

Boston Organics is a company that sources local, organic food and snacks to individuals and businesses near them.


The company was aiming to gain more business from mid-sized companies who might like to have food and snacks provided for the employees in their offices. These sales letters were being sent out without being requested, so the letter needed to first capture the interest of the potential customers before going on to clarify what exactly is on offer.


Starting off with an emboldened benefit, following up with easy-to-digest and colored headers to break up the information that followed, and ending with a clear call to action, this sales letter is visually appealing and easy to get the gist of before you're ready to commit to a full read.

Knowing that visuals are often more exciting than full pages of text, I included an insert with a sampling of the products and product descriptions to grab the audience's interest and paint a more clear picture of what is being offered.

Lastly, I gave the envelope careful attention as I know that the contents of a sales letter are meaningless if the recipient doesn't even deem the letter as worthy of opening. Keeping it professional and minimal but again drawing on the interest prompted by a good visual, I included a small, relevant, and inviting visual beneath the "from" section of a letter, where the recipient's eyes are sure to go first when deciding whether or not to open a letter.

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